Mustaqbal Initiative: Empowering Emirati Leaders in Construction

ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC, a prominent GCC and African construction firm, recently unveiled a new mentorship program named ‘Mustaqbal’. This initiative aims to enhance the technical and leadership skills of young Emirati professionals in the construction sector, aligning with the UAE government’s goal to boost Emirati participation in the private sector’s growth.

The program is part of ALEC’s commitment to leadership development and talent enhancement, as highlighted by Gavin Stone, the Group Director of People & Culture. Mustaqbal stands out as a significant addition to their suite of programs designed to recruit, train, and deploy skilled professionals on large-scale projects.

In its inaugural cohort, the program proudly reports a 60% female participation, underlining the emphasis on gender inclusivity in sectors crucial to the UAE’s economy such as construction and real estate.

Over the course of the year, participants will delve into various core skills including accountability, time management, and communication. These are considered essential for professional growth at all career levels by ALEC. The program also offers practical experience at ALEC construction sites and mentoring from seasoned professionals and guest speakers, focusing on teamwork, leadership, management, and presentation skills.

Clare Verrall, ALEC’s Learning and Development Business Partner, expressed excitement over the enthusiasm and engagement shown by participants, particularly in applying real-life scenarios to their daily work. The program is tailored to empower young Emiratis seeking comprehensive professional and personal development.

The program will conclude with participants taking roles in innovative research and development projects handled by ALEC’s Innovation Division. This division is renowned for pioneering numerous innovations now used internally and on client projects.

Barry Lewis, CEO of ALEC, emphasized the program’s alignment with UAE’s national initiatives, which position Emiratis to lead in the regional and global construction arenas. By providing hands-on training from industry experts, ALEC supports the UAE government’s vision and prepares Emirati employees for significant contributions to the industry.

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